Plan With Me : February 2021 Bullet Journal

Hello everyone. It’s been forever I wasn’t active in this blog. Tbh, I do miss writing and posting here, but I had no idea what to write since I was off from bullet journaling at the end of 2020.

Anyway, I am here because I wanna show you my February 2021 bullet journal set up. My theme for this month was coffee. This theme was easy to create but turn out beautiful. So, without further ado, here are some spreads from my February bujo.


This cover was inspired by Amanda Rach Lee. It’s so simple to create with a lot of doodles and lettering in the middle of the pages as well as the outline.

Monthly Overview

I recreated a picture that I found on Pinterest, however, this is the page in my February bujo that I love the most. I printed some pictures that I downloaded from unsplash and glued them to this page. I also used brown paper which a recycle from a paper bag.

Habit Tracker

I love how clear and simple it is. I just wrote down 4 habits instead of 6 or more habits. In this picture, I didn’t color the doodle but later I colored it because that’s too plain.

Gratitude Log

Instead of writing a summary of my day I made this spread just to write one thing that I am grateful for on that day.

Mood Tracker

Again, I made this spread so simple with just 28 doodles for each day in February and mood tracker lettering at the top of the page.

Quote Page

I had no clear idea about the quote page, so that’s how it turned out.

Weekly Spread

I just post my first weekly spread here. If you want to know other weekly spread of mine you could visit my Instagram account @zaina.journal

Items used :

  • Joyko Grid Notebook Diary 13×21 cm / NB-702
  • Brown paper
  • Printed picture
  • Snowman Drawing Pen 0.1
  • Koi Coloring Brush Pen Black (XBR#49)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll White Pen 0.5

That’s it. I truly hope that you like this post. Furthermore, about this blog, I have plans to be more active here but let’s just see. I think I always said the same thing at the beginning of the year but never really take it seriously. Anyways, stay safe everyone and see you in my next post.

Plan With Me : November 2020 Bullet Journal

Hi everyone and welcome back to my monthly post.

I actually could not believe that 2020 will end in 2 months, however, at the same time I am also grateful that it’s almost over because I could not wait to be back doing our normal activities. Talking about my bullet journal, my theme for this month was Chrysanthemum, the birth flower of November. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

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Plan With Me : October 2020 Bullet Journal

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Plan With Me post. It’s already October without we realise, time flies really fast. Some of you are heading into autumn or spring for Australian. For me, because I live in two seasons country, October is the beginning of rainy season. After all, whatever season you are heading to, the new month is always a fresh new start for every single thing, isn’t it?

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Beautiful Mandala Bookmark Ideas You Should Recreate

Hello everyone!

How’s your day going? For me, I am still trying to balance school and other part of my life. But, it’s actually okay. I think I could do it better right now compared to when I was in freshman year. Anyway, let’s get into today’s post.

Today, I would like to share with you a certain type of art that I love recently. This kind of art is quite famous lately or we could say that it’s more well-known than some years ago. So, it is Mandala Art. Have you known about it or do you even fall in love with this type of art?

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25 Weekly Spread Ideas You Must Try

Hello everyone. What’s up?

Today’s post is all about bullet journal weekly spread ideas.

Based on my own opinion, weekly spread is the most important part of bullet journaling. It’s where you write down your daily schedule every single day. In one month we usually make 4 or 5 different weekly spreads depend on how much week in the month.

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Plan With Me : September 2020 Bullet Journal

Hello beautiful people on the internet.

Welcome to yet another Plan With Me posts. It’s hard to believe that September is already here. I went with aster flower, the birth flower for the month of September for my theme. I didn’t do much doodling for this month, instead I made it quite simple. So, without further ado, I will show you my September spread.

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Plan With Me : August 2020 Bullet Journal

Hi loves. It’s nice to be back here again after a very long time. So, how have you been? I really hope that you’re staying safe, healthy and happy all the time.

I know it’s already the middle of the month, but let me share with you my August bullet journal spread. Moreover, I really am excited to tell you that I finally move to the dotted notebook. I may give it review later but for now let’s jump right into my August spread.

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Plan With Me : July 2020 Bullet Journal

Hello loves, how is it going?

It’s been quite long time I did not post anything, including “plan with me” post that should be posted once a month. I took a break for two months from bullet journaling, may and june. For the month of may, I already set it up but I did not use it the whole month. And june, I even did not set up the spread for this month because I was too busy due to some final projects and final examinations since the beginning of the month.

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Plan With Me : May 2020 Bullet Journal

Hi, what’s up?

The time I am writing this post is 30th of April, the very last day of April 2020. Yes, we should welcome May really soon and hope it will be better than this month. I don’t know what happen with 2020 but I think the time goes really fast. It’s like yesterday I was off from school for holiday and this semester is already going to be end in one month.

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Plan With Me : April 2020 Bullet Journal

Hi beautiful people on the internet. How’s your life going? I really hope that you’re in a good condition of physical and mental health. We all know what is going on at the moment so I won’t talk about that. Let’s just pray for the better condition everyone.

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